Whether you're Jos Verstappen or you only start to race, each driver can contact Equipe Verschuur. Combining over 38 years of experience, an extensive and knowledgeable technical team, very competitive race rates and optimal personal support guarantees success and fun in racing.
Although Equipe Verschuur achieved in 2008 a huge international top result by the Porsche RS Spyder to win the LMP2 class of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, team owner Frans Verschuur focuses on national classes and the 'normal' driver. In less than twelve different classes of Dutch Power Pack to DNRT, Equipe Verschuur is active and joins battle at the top.

In more than 38 years the name Verschuur has become an essential part of the national and international autosporttop . With many years of experience in the most diverse classes Equipe Verschuur has gained a wealth of knowledge that translates into success on the circuits .
Equipe Verschuur has an extensive technical team of around twelve employees who will bring the cars in perfect condition to the start and assist the drivers on the tracks.

Because everything is done in-house, Equipe Verschuur is not only versatile and flexible but can also keep costs under control. Equipe Verschuur uses extremely competitive rates with a clear cost structure so the customer knows exactly what he's paying for. Autosport therefore remains more affordable than is often thought.

The class in which the driving takes place is not important. Equipe Verschuur devotes to every rider the attention he or she wants and / or needs. Both in the adjustment of the car when driving in technical aspects Equipe Verschuur drivers can learn the intricacies of the race-industry. Especially for novice drivers, this invaluable information could prevent a lot of damage and quickly leads to sporting results.

Relationship marketing and sponsorship interests are inextricably linked with motorsport. Equipe Verschuur has extensive hospitality facilities where the team's riders can receive their sponsors and other relations in the right ambiance. The outstanding catering will also be taken care of.

All kind of things that sponsors certainly appreciate. And because there are so many active drivers and sponsors within Equipe Verschuur, it is for the representatives of these companies an ideal opportunity to get in touch in a relaxed atmosphere with potential clients.

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